Kangen Water


Change Your Water Change Your Life!


Kangen is Japanese for “Return to Origin” and is recognized by many around the world is the purest and healthiest water for the human body.

Kagen Water utilizes Oxidation Reduction Potential [ORP], which contains anti-oxidants that the fight free radicals, which damage and age our skin and entire body prematurity. In order to prevent skin damage and premature aging we want a negative ORP and the higher the ORP the better it is for you. For example, Pop has ORP of + 400. Kangen water has ORP of – 400.



“Removing acidic waste is better than exercise and dieting”  Acidity in the body is related to sickness, aging, aches, and pains.  Alkaline in the body is related to health, energy, and vitality.



Kangen Water has 3 properties

1.Anti-Oxidation. Oxidation = sickness = aging

2.Micro-clustering. Micro-clusters help hydrate better than any other water




Kangen water is well-balanced healthy water containing
six elements

1.Hydrogen Ions

2.Small Clusters (this water hydrates the skin tissue faster and better than regular filtered water or tap.

3.Dissolved Hydrogen



6.Dissolved Oxygen


If you have any other questions about this water and its benefits to your health and well being please visit with our Para Medical Esthetician.

Water pH


7.0 = Clean Water

- use for babies (ex. making formula)

- take medications with this pH level



8.0 – 9.5 = Kangen Water

- do NOT take medication with this water due to its solvency effect; it will put it into your bloodstream faster.

- use to get more nutritional value out of food and vitamin/mineral supplements.

- swelling effect that will soften substances.

- dissolving effect that draws out substances.

- thermal conduction will speed up boiling time.

- helps correct the acidic tendency of our bodies.



5.5 = Beauty Water

- good for your skin and hair, plus it enhances beauty by closing pores and tones skin.

- has astringency effect that will tighten ingredients.



2.5 = Strong Acidic Water

- do NOT drink this water!

- has cleaning and disinfecting effect giving it excellent disinfecting power.

- this water will keep your everyday life sanitary.

- can be applied externally to things like eczema, warts, age spots, cuts, & scrapes.

- good water to brush your teeth and gargle with.

- can be used as a spray for a sore throat (after using 2.5 in the mouth, wait a couple minutes and then swish with 8.5 or higher to bring back up the pH).



11.5 = Strong Kangen/Alkaline Water

- removes blood and stains from other clothing.

- use to clean your produce.

- has cleaning power that dissolves and cleans materials.

- super-swelling effect that softens materials quickly.

- dissolving property that dissolves and extracts ingredients effectively.

- thermal conductor that will speed up boiling time.


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