DermalifeTM Spa-Feng ShuiTM


Escape, Enlighten, Enhance Your Mind & Body.


Dermalife is a synergy of natural elements and methods to quickly restore the body and mind, paving the way to a new, positive way of living.


Dermalife's Multi-Sensory Spa Systems is a holistic system of
balance and restoration, from the ancient principles of Feng Shui along with modern technologies. This capsule provides an enlightening customizable pampering spa experience to enhance your inner
harmony through heat steam, lights and vibratory massage.


HydrofusionTM — a single blended energy force of radiant heat and steam. Together, these elements join forces to optimize cleansing, moisturization, and product penetration for advanced skin care.


Steam — Dermalife's moist, gentle steam infused with natural essential oils and herbal aromatics enhance your spa experience.


Radiant Heat — Heat that is the same frequency level as your body's creates a warm comforting environment.


LED Lights — A selection of six colors illuminate a radiant glow, putting you in a state of harmony and balance.


Vibratory Bed — Continuous and pulsating vibration engages and soothes all of your body's systems to work in unison toward harmony.


Vitamin, Mineral and Aroma Systems — Unique reservoirs vaporize and disperse vitamin, mineral, aromatic and herbal extracts to heighten the level of effectiveness and can be combined to enhance the environment for your specific needs.


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